The Living Apothecary is a Richmond, California based, women owned small business, dedicated to bringing health and nourishment to our local community through delicious, artisan, small-batch crafted beverages. We strive to make superior, sustainable and compassionate products that properly feed the body and soul. It is our aim to support local, likeminded small businesses whenever possible, as we believe in true business to business camaraderie.

From our creative and groundbreaking probiotic kefir water tea line, to our scrumptious, nutrient packed nut milks we are constantly trying to enliven the palette and encourage holistic and nutritional health. 

We are dedicated to using the highest quality, painstakingly sourced ingredients as we believe a beverage needs true legs to stand on. Healthy and delicious can go hand in hand. If it isn't delicious, it isn't worth it. It is with this philosophy that we aim to inspire, connect and spread positivity.