Cacao Mint Cashew Almond Milk

Our almond milk is made in small batches, with the same techniques you'd use to make your own at home! We source the highest quality ingredients, including local organic almonds and Coachella dates. We do not heat pasteurize, keeping our almond milk's dense nutritional profile intact and we use no artificial ingredients of any kind. One taste and nothing else will suffice. 

Ingredients: filtered water, organic cashews, locally sourced organic almonds, organic dates, organic cacao powder, organic peppermint extract, organic distilled vinegar, organic vegan cultured dextrose, pink Himalayan sea salt.

We use organic distilled vinegar and organic vegan cultured dextrose (which is actually just a lactic acid) to naturally stabilize our milk, instead of using chemically or lab derived ingredients. Used in trace amounts. 

Must keep refrigerated

Shelf life 30 days