Tamarind Black Tea

Made with kefir water, one of the world's oldest naturally fermented liquid probiotics, Tamarind Black Tea provides a delicious, thirst-quenching, and natural way to recharge your body. This hand crafted tea is made in small batches and blended with loose leaf artisa teas which combine to provide a clean mellow flavor. There are no preservatives or fillers of any kind, and it's dairy and gluten free.

Best of all, kefir water is a living probiotic. It's strains are constantly evolving, so every bottle contains a varied blend of potent relief for your gut probiotic bacteria.

Our Tamarind Black Tea is pure love.

Ingredients: kefir water (non dairy kefir cultures with probiotic bacteria and yeast strains), organic loose leaf black tea, filtered water, organic tamarind puree, organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar

USDA Certified Organic, vegan, grain free and non-gmo 35 calories
or less per bottle

Contains caffeine