The Living Apothecary is dedicated to making this world a better place for human, animal & plant kind alike. We want the air we breathe to be fresh, the water we drink to be pure, the beaches we walk on the be clean. We want to see a world where all domesticated animals have safe and loving homes, and wild animals are safe from poachers, hunters and crazy people. We want our small farmers to thrive, our crops to be free of genetic modification and harmful pesticides. We want people to take responsibility for waste and care enough to recycle the proper way! We want to decrease our carbon foot print and increase our compassion for our universe and all of its creatures big and small.

Every year a part of The Living Apothecary's profits go directly towards non-profit organizations and charitable causes we can truly stand behind. 

Here are some seriously amazing organizations we support. 

One hope. One love. 


Wings for Life World Run - Wings for Life is a charity organization dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. The main event is a yearly race focussed on getting runners in every corner of the global out there running for those who can’t at the same exact time! Why? Because every single extra person who runs for those who can’t brings the cure for spinal cord injury one step closer. 


MISSEY - Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting & Serving Sexually Exploited Youth.  MISSEY is a non-profit organization with the mission of ending child exploitation and helping victims regain the joy and confidence of life. We work with other organizations and the public to spread awareness about this terrible epidemic.