Our Teas

Our Teas

Nourish the body. feed the soul

It all started with a dream to bring beautifully healthy, chugworthy beverages to our community and beyond. Over many years The Living Apothecary steadily worked at fine-tuning our processes, sourcing our ingredients, and balancing our recipes. We never once swayed from our roots and our goals. Today here we stand with our meticulous and uniquely crafted Organic Probiotic Teas, a line of naturally fermented, probiotic iced teas that truly nourish the body and feed the soul. We believe they shine in a world full of options. They are light, crisp, and brewed to precision. To us it always was and still is about finding that balance for our beverages and in life.


Kefir Water

Kefir water is one of the world’s oldest naturally fermented beverages. Its history is said to date back to the 1800s throughout indigenous cultures worldwide, where communities fermented kefir water for its powerful gut health benefits.
We love kefir water for its naturally caffeine free, mellow flavor, which makes it an ideal pairing when blended with our infused artisan loose leaf teas.