Benefits in the Bottle


Our Probiotic Teas are a lovely blend of all that is kefir water, artisan loose leaf teas, and an invigorating array of fruits, roots and herbs. Our favorite ingredient benefits include:

Kefir Water - A natural source of varied beneficial bacteria and yeast strains, which support gut and overall health.

Loose Leaf Teas - Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, polyphenols, and digestive aids. Antioxidants support a healthy immune system and can help fight free-radicals.

Dried Fruits - A great source of retinols which support healthy skin and natural fiber which provides support at the cellular level.

Roots - Contain anti-microbial and immune-boosting properties. They also help calm the stomach and support weight management.

Florals - Have various benefits, such as lavender that reduces anxiety and promotes healthy sleep cycles.

    Kefir water is a traditional probiotic beverage that is fermented over a short cycle and produces billions of beneficial bacteria cultures. Kefir water is naturally caffeine free and has a palatable sweet, mild flavor.

    We thoughtfully make every single bottle of Organic Probiotic Tea out of our own manufacturing facility now located in Richmond, CA.

    Kefir grains fermented in stainless steel tanks
    Brew loose-leaf teas
    Steep with fruits, roots, and florals
    Blend kefir water and teas
    Bottle, chill, and chug!

    It’s taken us countless long days and plenty of grit to bring these lovely probiotic teas to life. Read more about how we started.