Our Roots

In 2012 The Living Apothecary was born in Oakland, California, when we took a leap of faith and started our own beverage company. We started with a shoestring budget, a small incubator kitchen, an even smaller delivery van, and a weekend farmers market. But it was this seed of an idea, that we could make beautiful, healthful beverages and share them with our community, and a stubborn female grit that wouldn’t let us quit.

Over 6 rollercoaster years, The Living Apothecary went through trials and tribulations, as we pushed ourselves to learn, grow and create the best darn beverages we could. Yet here we are today with a line of naturally fermented Organic Probiotic Teas, that we know first hand are made with love. It is what drives us every single day to push forward in our goal to bring these awesome tasting, multi-beneficial teas to as many humans as possible.

We are humble believers. We believe in our team, we believe in our teas, and we believe that having healthier beverage options abundantly available to all is a dream worth fighting for. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

- Shari & Traci

Two women, a beverage dream, and a mission to make it a reality and share beautiful beverages with all of you.

Our secret? We combine delicate, naturally fermented kefir water with organic loose leaf teas infused with fruits, roots, and florals.